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Managed Colocation Services

Managed Colocation ServicesWhat is colocation? Colocation is the provisioning of rack space for a client at a hosting company's data center facility. Our data centers are equipped with redundant cooler, power, and Internet bandwidth. With 24/7 support a client is also paying for the peace of mind that if there are any problems there is a team always ready to handle it as quickly as possible.

A tech startup company or eCommerce online store is going to need a server sooner or later. It will need a computer dedicated to running hardware and software applications that is able to keep up with all of the processing requests. We can help you with managed colocation services so you do not need to hassle with managing it yourself and can stay laser focused on what you do best.

Servers can be hard to maintain, which is why a lot of companies choose to use our colocation services. With 24/7 support you can always be rest assured that your hardware will be operational when you need it.

The server packages you'll find offered can also be easily upgraded and you will have immediate access to your data. All you will need to do is pick the amount of power, space, and bandwidth you'll require at let our team do the rest!

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Managed Servers: Custom Dedicated Solutions

Managed Servers: Custom Dedicated SolutionsWhat is the difference between a managed server and an unmanaged server? That is a common quest with a pretty simple answer. The short answer, though, is that if you don't know and don't want to take the time to know... then you need a managed server.

Managed Server: A managed server is one where you pay a team, like our team, to support the server for you. You have full control over the server as usual, but you can always ask for assistance and have a specialist help you at any time so you can stay focused on running your business, tech startup, online store, paperwork, or whatever else you need to be doing.

Unmanaged Server: An unmanaged server requires a lot more hands-on work. It's for people that like to really be in full control of every detail of their server and don't need a lot of hand holding from a service provider. This can save you some money, but it will cost you in time. It will especially cost you in time if you are new to managing your own server.

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Dedicated Server Solutions

We understand that different businesses have different needs which is why we offer a wide variety of options at unbeatable prices to choose from when it comes to servers. Every dedicated server plan comes with 100% redundant IPV4/IPV6 network connectivity, 24/7 live managed support, and free migration.

Managed Dedicated Servers

Our specialists will setup the proper operating system (Windows or Linux) and software you ask for and provide you with 24/7 support. You will always have access to your data and your server. We provide the maximum customization, configuration, installation and overall flexibility in the market.

Some of the benefits of our managed dedicated servers are that they are easy to administer, you will need no knowledge or staff required, and they will allow you to focus on other priorities! The servers are a great fit for high-performance and I/O intensive applications. Some examples of this would be online stores, VOIP servers, multiplayer video game servers, company websites, or blogs.

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If our dedicated servers don't seem like they will pack the punch you need, we also offer even more powerful Enterprise Servers!

VPS Servers

We also offer a cheaper, but still powerful, Virtual Private Server option. But, what is the difference between a dedicated server and a virtual private server?

Dedicated servers are entire servers just for you and your work loads. They will not be affected by anyone else that may be hosting at the same company. A virtual private server is an operating system on hardware that is shared by others. Your files are still separate from the other virtual private servers, but if someone brings down the whole computer they will bring down your hosting with it. This is usually not a big deal and can be a cost effective approach to someone that doesn't need an expensive hosting option for their plans online. But, it is something to consider when making your choice!

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In Summary...

We offer powerful, flexible, and scalable servers to suit any startup or large businesses needs using Windows or Linux with as little or as much hardware and processing power as you could need. You never need to worry about your performance or your data with our 24x7x365 live support.

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