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Dedicated Server Hosting: If you're planning on running a large website, online store, game server, or are a power user you will probably want our dedicated hosting. We offer great prices for managed dedicated servers that can easily be upgraded at any time you need.

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Virtual Private Server Hosting: This would be your medium sized hosting plan. A VPS lays somewhere between a Dedicated solution and a Shared solution providing you a lot of benefits of a Dedicated server but at a reduced rate. These servers also pack a lot of power in them and can be great for small, medium, and large websites, online stores, and game servers.

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Our dedicated servers and virtual private servers can run Linux or Windows depending on your preference. You're in charge! If you aren't sure which operating system you should run, we would recommend Linux. But, it's really all about personal preference.

Shared Hosting: If you're just getting started with your online presence and not sure which option to pick, this is a great place to start. You will be able to create a full featured website or online store at a fraction of the cost of a virtual private server or a dedicated server. If you find yourself needing more storage, speed, or power you can always upgrade any time!

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if you need any help in making a choice or have any questions you can always reach out to us any time on our contact and support page.